New Year, New You?

Written by Catherine Weingarten

It is now officially 2015 and as usual, there are a ton of ads targeting people’s resolutions/hopes for the new year. It is always energizing to have goals and things you are working towards, but too many young women are pressured to make 2015 their healthiest year yet/lose a certain amount of pounds. It seems that every sexy teen magazine has an article talking about the newest workouts to get washboard Twilight abs this year or what yogurt will make you look like a shy Swedish super model. 

But here at RYB, we are hoping that you made non weight related resolutions. It’s a new year so it’s a new chance for lots of things way more important than how you look. Maybe you always wanted to try ice skating or you wanted to audition for MTV’s “Real World”. That sounds cool! Go for it! Or maybe your resolution is to try harder at school or visit your grandma more, those all sound rad. I urge you to just pick something that has nothing to do with looks, but more with quality of life. When you focus more on weight, you lose touch with reality, relationships and all the exciting things in the every day. There are so many awesome resolution choices ranging from super silly to serious changes in regards to relationship or work.

Maybe your resolution is to be less tough on yourself! Lot of young women put a ton of pressure on themselves to look perfect, be Bill Gates level smart and also kind to all! We put so much pressure, that we don’t give ourselves breaks and let ourselves discover new things that excite us. A lot of these new weight loss add campaigns seem empowering, but they really are giving us messages that we are not enough as we are. But we are! There are way more important things to think about than what are new ways to lose weight this year! 

What is your resolution? What was the worst resolution you ever made and why did you not like it? What do you think about the weight loss campaigns that target new year resolution? Feel free to respond to this article in the comments! I would love to hear from ya!

Our 2015 Resolution? Laugh more! What's yours?

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