Truth in Advertising Act: Petition for Change!! - written by Catherine Weingarten

I remember when I was almost a teen and constantly picked up big, shiny, overly expensive fashion magazine and looked at the pictures of the fashion ads and just fell into the pictures.  I felt like I Was looking at this perfect goddess like image of what I could be like.  The sexy ideal chick.  I knew she had a perfect life and probably just took lavender bubble baths and ate lavender chocolates while making out with her boyfriend; and she never gained weight, of course!  For years this kind of images haunted me because I knew I could never be that girl.

We live in a culture that is bombarded by advertising and images of the ideal body and ideal way of life.  Only problem is those ideals are hilariously impossible and usually photo-shopped to fit a Barbie like societal ideal.  Also the self-esteem movement/body positive movement for young girls is much more on the down-low than the pressure to be perfect/be thin.  That’s why RYB is super excited about the prospect of the Truth in Advertising Act (HR4341).  This is a potential legislation, fronted by dad, former advertising exec and activist, Seth Matlins thatwould require the Federal Trade Commission to develop a regulatory framework for ads that materially change the faces and bodies of the people in them, in order to reduce the damage this type of advertising does to our children."

We need to advocate for advertisements that are realistic and not fake like a cartoon or new Barbie Doll!  Eating disorders/disordered eating are incredibly common in young adults and depictions of woman in the media has been proven to be a major factor.  One of the most exciting things about social media is our ability to create change by joining together and fighting for things we believe in!  I want a world where young girls can read magazines and be like “wow, she looks lifelike and she looks beautiful!”
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Article written by Catherine Weingarten

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