RYB's Guide to Rocking the New School Year!

There is a lot to love about back to school time; using your crisp new school supplies, reuniting with friends, getting a whole new chance at the school year. It’s fun and often exciting. Halloween is right around the corner…Read more

Staying Positive After a Summer Romance Blows Its Fuse

                 I’ve never been the biggest summer person. While my friends would have summer break fantasies of them riding on surf boards with generic good looking dudes, I would have ominous premonitions of me spacing out in my apartment waiting for…Read more

NEDAW 2015: Thank you & A Recap

As National Eating Disorders Awareness Week winds down, I find myself reflecting on all of the great conversations, interactions, and outreach that happened this week. Seeing so many people come together for the cause was very inspiring. We made many…Read more

Facebook: Fat is not a feeling!

Petition to have the 'I feel fat' & 'I feel ugly' icons removed from Facebook. Please help us tell facebook that 'fat' and 'ugly' are not feelings.

RYB Resident Playwright & Board Member, Catherine Weingarten, is working with Endangered Bodies

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New Year, New You?

Written by Catherine Weingarten

It is now officially 2015 and as usual, there are a ton of ads targeting people’s resolutions/hopes for the new year. It is always energizing to have goals and things you are working towards, but too…Read more

Holiday Survival Guide!

The holidays are here! For some, that means decorations, family & friends, music, food, and festivities. However, for many people, the holiday season means just one thing: stress. The holidays can be especially difficult for those struggling with ED or…Read more