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Welcome RYB Ambassador Clara Nascimento! 

We are thrilled to welcome Clara Nascimento as Realize Your Beauty's newest Ambassador! 

Clara is a High School Junior from Nashua NH and is Miss Liberty’s Outstanding Teen within the New Hampshire’s Scholarship Program.  

Her passion is to educate, inspire and remind children and adults through body positivity that they can and should love themselves. 

She is honored to be joining Realize Your Beauty as an Ambassador and looks forward to working with children to love their bodies.

To find out more…

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Annual Fundraiser - 2020 

What a year this has been for all of us. With schools remote, summer camps cancelled, and youth groups on hold or meeting virtually, we, along with many other youth non-profits, have had to rethink our programs and our outreach. But one thing is for sure: youth outreach programs are needed now more than ever.

Feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression are rising in young people. We are hard at work behind the scenes redesigning our programs to meet students where they're at now, both…

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Diets Are Canceled!! #NoDietDay 

May 6th marks the NEDA Network’s second national #NoDietDay social media campaign to encourage the rejection of diet culture! This movement promotes fighting back against the shame associated with society's standards of beauty and respect for all body shapes and sizes.

We invite you to join us in promoting healthy relationships with food, movement, and body image!

Take the pledge and find out more HERE!


Camp Realize Your Beauty - Summer 2020 

We're already planning for Camp Realize Your Beauty 2020!

Applications to be released in Mid-January 2020, with special early bird pricing.


Dates & Location below:

July 19th-24th, 2020 ~ YMCA of the Rockies ~ Estes Park, CO 

Girls, Ages 10-15yrs 
Jr. Counselors, 16-18yrs

Your camper will learn acting, play writing & directing skills, 
with a special emphasis placed on developing a positive sense of self! 

Topics addressed at Camp RYB: Self-Esteem ~ Kindness (towards self & others) ~ Anti-Bullying


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Cyber Bullying Is Never Okay 

At our summer camp, we talk to the campers about bullying and practice ways they can deal with the situation should it arise. Bullying is a very real and serious issue, and cyber bullying can be especially difficult to handle. We try to teach the kids to have empathy for the bully- that often the bully is dealing with many serious issues that cause them to lash out. And while finding empathy can help us to deal with our anger and hurt, it doesn't excuse the behavior. We teach them that it is never, ever…

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See Beautiful Grant Finalist! 

We're so very excited to announce that Realize Your Beauty is a See Beautiful Grant Finalist!

What an honor to be featured along side such amazing organizations as: Every Woman Works, Inc.Empowered ReadersFriends To The Forlorn Pitbull RescuePaint LoveDiversify Dietetics, For Life, Inc.Aidan Cares, LOTUS Legal Clinic, Foster Care AllianceGrow Restored, Puppy Prodigies, Love Not Lost, Georgia Steppers League, YFC Maine, The Peaceful Project, and Care for AIDS.

See Beautiful is a wonderful…

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In Memoriam ~ We Honor Board Member Georgia Michalec 

In Memoriam 


Georgia Michalec 

It is with heavy hearts that we share the sad news that our friend and long time board member, Georgia Michalec, has passed away after a long illness. 

Georgia was the Board Treasurer for Realize Your Beauty, and in her time with the organization, she organized several large events in Stafford, CT, including Realize Your Beauty Day events for community youth (an evening of arts, activities and celebration), and a large scale fundraiser in support of…

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RYB Founder Interviewed for Washington Post: Plastic Surgery App Petition 

Our Founder & Executive Director, Stacey Lorin Merkl, was interviewed for this article by the Washington Post. The interview was regarding the work Endangered Bodies International is doing to remove these damaging plastic surgery apps designed for children. As a member of Endangered Bodies NYC, she's working alongside 8 International Chapters that have been petitioning Google, Amazon and Apple to put more restrictions on these apps.

We're hoping the article will get the word out about the petition, and…

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Collaboration with Mt. Vernon Youth Bureau! 

Collaboration with Mt. Vernon Youth Bureau!

We are very pleased to be running a series of 12-workshops for Spring Semester with the GEM (Girls Embracing Maturity) Program in Mt. Vernon, NY.

We're so looking forward to working with the GEMs!