Performance & Workshop

What the students are saying…

“Never judge someone based on how they look. Get to know them better and their personality before you say something. It was beneficial because I learned you must accept yourself for others to accept you”. – Rabeenah, age 14

“You cannot allow others to change you. Turn your weakness that they inflicted upon you into your strength. I was able to view things from the perspective of those who are not like me”. –Vanessa, age 15

“I learned that your beauty is powerful & priceless... Each and every word is going to benefit me in life”. –Precious, age 14

“I learned to love yourself for who you are and never listen to what other people say. Always … love love love yourself. It was beneficial because it help(ed) me realize how much I hated how I look and now I would never change how I look”. –Khalida, age 14

“I learned that you can’t judge a book by its cover but by the details inside. Everyone has the same problems; everyone is unique, original and beautiful. I got to let out my thoughts and experiences in a peaceful fun way. I also got to let everything out to people in a group”. – Raynell, age 14

“I learned that there’s always someone out there that we could relate to and that judgments are always made but accepting who you are, your inner and outside beauty, is a step towards self-confidence. Amazing workshop!”- Karen, age 18

“Beauty comes from the inside. You have to explore who you are. …the workshop was beneficial. It helped me realize that everyone is unique & beautiful. It also helped me to realize I’m unique & special”. – Odalis, age 14

“It helped me be a better person within.” -student, age 14
“It helped me realize I don’t need to change myself.” – Desire, age 15, 9th grade
“I feel the workshop covered everything. It’s important to love yourself as is.” – Shyanne, age 13, 8th grade
“From the workshop, I learned that my body is beautiful just the way I am & how eating disorders affect you. It was beneficial because it taught me how to have that special kind of confidence in yourself.” – Kayla, age 13, 8th grade
“I learned that you are beautiful just the way you are. It showed no matter what size you are, you are beautiful.” – Natoya, age 13, 8th grade
“I learned that the beauty is from withIN. I feel the workshop was beneficial, because it changed my views on myself.” – Jasemin, age 13, 8th grade
“I learned a lot. It makes you feel special.” – Sierra, age 14, 9th grade
“I learned a lot. It gave me a lot of confidence.” –Azzuré, age 13.5, 9th grade
“It was great. It told me about beauty & being confident.” – Emani, age 13, 8th grade
“It taught me things I DID NOT know.” – Janaya, age 13, 8th grade
“I learned about the different eating disorders like binge eating, anorexia and bulimia. It helped me learn about loving the way I look.” – Tyasia, age 13, 8th grade
“I learned I have something in common with a character. (Tulip) It reminded me of important information so it is fresh in my mind.” – Cheraye, age 13. 9th grade
“I learned more about eating disorders and that when it becomes a main concern for you it’s serious. It made you think and understand it shouldn’t matter what someone else says- you are beautiful the way you are.” – Danielle, age 13, 8th grade

“I learned you shouldn’t diet.” – Destini, age 14, 9th grade
“I learned you don’t have to change for anybody. The workshop made people feel good.” –Niaya, age 14, 9th grade
“I learned not to change myself to please others.” – Shianne, age 13, 9th grade
“I learned that you can’t change yourself for someone else. The workshop taught me a lot and gave me confidence in my body.” – Gabriele, age 13, 8th grade
“I learned more about loving myself.” – Tatianna, age 12, 8th grade
“I learned a lot.” – Victoria, 8th grade
“It was perfect. I learned: BE WHO YOU ARE! Love yourself!” – Alaisia, age 13, 9th grade
“I learned that you should love your body because it makes you unique. The workshop helps you realize your unique qualities.” – age 14, 8th grade

“They covered everything. I learned about different eating disorders. The workshop taught me a lot.” –Sandy, age 13, 8th grade
“I have all the knowledge on loving myself down to a science. I already knew a lot, but I have new insight on acting. I feel the workshop showed the other GEM girls how quickly things can spiral out of control.” –Leanne, age 13, 8th grade

What the Teachers and Mentors are saying…

"Previously, we at Girls Inc of NYC had a group of wonderful women come and deliver a truly impactful workshop to our be able to offer this opportunity to another set of girls would be amazing." - Toni Armstrong, Community Engagement and Program Specialist, Girls Incorporated of New York City

“I learned that when people are taken out of their comfort zone they are not afraid to let their inner beauty shine. I think it was helpful because every time the G.E.M. program attends we learn something”. – Aku, leader of the G.E.M. program; Mt. Vernon, NY.

“We are different and should embrace it… (the workshop) brings on understanding of people’s differences and similarities and feelings of self-worth”. –Elena, teacher’s assistant

"My heart is swelling out of my chest thanks to the Realize Your Beauty workshop today! I love when I ask a young woman to tell me something beautiful about herself that doesn't have to do with her looks, and before she can even open her mouth seven of her peers say something wonderful about her! It happened over and over again, and I am so, so proud! They support each other, and lift each other up. In MIDDLE SCHOOL, no less, and we know what that climate can be like. *Beaming*". - Cast Member Starr Kirkland