Cyber Bullying Is Never Okay

At our summer camp, we talk to the campers about bullying and practice ways they can deal with the situation should it arise. Bullying is a very real and serious issue, and cyber bullying can be especially difficult to handle. We try to teach the kids to have empathy for the bully- that often the bully is dealing with many serious issues that cause them to lash out. And while finding empathy can help us to deal with our anger and hurt, it doesn't excuse the behavior. We teach them that it is never, ever acceptable to be abused or bullied by another person, and it is never acceptable to treat someone else that way. 

There are many forms cyber bullying can take- including posting mean, hurtful or embarrassing rumors of someone online, creating a mean or hurtful webpage about someone, pretending to be someone else in order to solicit information, and threatening to hurt someone or encouraging them to hurt themselves. All of these forms of cyber bullying are cruel, unacceptable, and must not be tolerated. 

If you are the victim of this kind of abuse - don't keep it to yourself. Tell others- tell your friends, parents, mentors and if it feels appropriate, the police. Actions have consequences, and you have a right to protect yourself. 

If you need support, please use these links for more info:…/how-to-report/index.html (Mirror Image Arts) 

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