Realize Your Beauty on Brooklyn College Radio!

Realize Your Beauty was recently featured on the Foster Care program on Brooklyn College Radio. 

To hear the interview in it's entirety, check out this link:

Some highlights:

min 2:30 Some reasons why RYB uses Theatre Arts to get our
message across.
min 3:24-4:30 Explains why RYB works specifically with Children/Adolescents.
min 7:53 How to set up a workshop with RYB.
min 9:30 Shout out to the amazing RYB Cast members!
min 11:15sec A very special story from a recent workshop in Brooklyn.

And finally, min 13:15 closes the segment with a message about what it means to be your most beautiful!

Special thanks to Beth Foster for having us on her program. Check out their facebook page here:

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